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    Meet the Mods!


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    Meet the Mods!

    Post  PenguinX on Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:29 pm

    [Updates to Come.]

    Forum Name: Swifty
    Real Life Name: cALLUM gEORGE sWIFT
    Rank: Admin
    Favourite Games: yUGIOH
    Other Hobbies: gEARS oF wAR
    Any Last Words?: nO

    Forum Name: min
    Real Life Name: Min
    Rank: Admin
    Favourite Games: Phoenix Wright series, Porkymen & Metroid.
    Other Hobbies: Drawing, being sexy.
    Any Last Words?: Ha!Ha!Ha! Ha!

    Forum Name: Miss Tumbleweedle
    Real Life Name: Declan
    Rank: Mod
    Favourite Games:
    Other Hobbies:
    Any Last Words?:

    Forum Name: Sparkle
    Real Life Name: sEXY bEAST
    Rank: Mod
    Favourite Games: Pokemon, Loz: Wind Waker, Brawl, Mario 64, Donkey Kong Country.
    Other Hobbies: mAKE uP. sHOES. hANDBAGS. sHOPPING
    Any Last Words?:i'M NOT REALLY A GIRL!

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